Esther Lafourcade

Esther joined VKPR in 2021. Prior to joining the team, she started her career in New York City where she worked across many industries. From fashion and lifestyle to tech and entertainment, Esther lets her versatility and love for writing guide her to creative and compelling storytelling. Born in Los Angeles, Esther is also French, Belgian, and Moroccan, and grew up in France. A third culture kid with family across the globe, she quickly developed a passion for travel and culture. This, along with her love for humans, eventually led her to graduating UCLA with a Bachelor in Anthropology and a minor in History, providing her the ability to understand and connect to the human experience on a deeper level. When she isn’t writing or traveling, Esther is always exploring the true meaning of ‘connection’ — whether that’s through food and cooking, attending countless live music events, hiking and camping, discussing books & movies, practicing yoga, and chasing her dreams — she is always living fully and learning voraciously.

Esther is fluent in French.