About Us

Victoria King Public Relations is a Los Angeles-based, internationally renowned public relations firm. We represent a variety of hotel, resort and spa properties at the very top end of the travel, leisure and luxury lifestyle markets – many in bustling capitals of the world and others in its quietest corners.

For more than 20 years, we have been the “go-to” agency for positioning new properties and re-launching existing hotels and resorts. Each client benefits from an entirely focused approach to its public relations needs, and we create personalized campaigns working to become an extension of the in-house sales and marketing team.

We are a boutique agency, which allows for greater flexibility and a more hands-on approach. Our team has a wealth of experience and strong working knowledge of the luxury travel industry. We understand how media like to receive information and are skilled at pitching the right stories to the right publications.

We have impeccable media contacts across key consumer, specialist and luxury travel trade sections. While our focus is to obtain exposure and increase awareness among media and ultimately consumers, we are constantly aware of the end goal, which is for PR to translate into sales.

We operate under the philosophy that “less is more” to ensure a commitment to quality results that position our clients as leaders and innovators in the hospitality industry.

About Us