COVID-19 Hotel Recovery

The COVID-19 global pandemic has upended the travel industry, leading to temporary closures, limited occupancy levels, staff reductions, and grounded flights. It will leave its mark on hospitality and how we travel for years to come. VKPR can provide a steady and informed hand to guide clients through the crisis and ensure hotels are poised, primed and positioned for the inevitable recovery.

All crises end, and COVID-19 is no different. As Safe at Home measures and border restrictions are lifted, an influx of hotel competitors will reenter the market simultaneously to meet pent-up demand for travel. Through strategic planning, creative solutions and reliable media contacts, we empower hotels to stand out from competitors and capture vital bookings.

VKPR can map out a multi-phased re-launch and reopening plan to reactive local, drive and feeder markets. We can draft COVID protocol and response pages, craft copy for e-newsletters to guests and stakeholders, write statements for media, and design compelling reopening campaigns to create a stream of media coverage and awareness leading up to and beyond a hotel’s reentrance to the marketplace. We can tell inspirational stories from hotel staff who weathered the storm, share heartening examples of community support, spotlight creative pivots, and build compelling partnerships and packages. These efforts ensure our clients are the first place travelers visit when it is safe to do so.

To learn how we can help your property navigate the crisis, email Victoria King at or call (310) 207-5175.